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Company Profile

Lepatent (Beijing) Consulting Corporation Limited is an investment company of Lenovo Group.  It is a comprehensive and innovative service group covering consulting, agency and lawsuit. Through innovative service models, Lepatent gives full play to the professional and international industry experience of the core team, improve the efficiency and quality of intellectual property services, provide plant-wide & one-stop innovative solutions for technology companies, and help partners to win the opportunity to compete in the era of knowledge economy.

Lepatent team, including the former director of intellectual property of the world's top 500 enterprises, and advocate general of technology companies; the core team of consultants formed by some senior patent examiners, senior agent, senior financial experts and lawyers from home and abroad.


As an intellectual property steward of corporate, Lepatent has built a government think tank relying on industry resources and professional depth, continuously improving the industrial innovation platform with professional capabilities, and providing deep and effective innovative solutions for all subjects in the technological innovation chain.



Qualification Awards 

  • Secretary General Unit of Intellectual Property Alliance of National Intelligent Manufacturing Industry

  • Council Member of China Intellectual Property Development Alliance, and Director Unit of Artificial Intelligence Professional Committee

  • Member of Zhongguancun Intellectual Property Investment and Financing Service Alliance

  • Experimental units of Beijing Intellectual Property Operation

  •  Co-sponsor unit, Secretary General Unit of Zhejiang Yuhang Intellectual Property Operation Institute of Intelligent/smart Manufacturing Industry

  • Construction unit of Artificial intelligence Intellectual property Operation and Financial Innovation Center

  • Secretary General Unit of Beijing Overseas Intellectual Property Protection Alliance

  • Secretary General Unit of Intellectual Property Alliance of Zhejiang Artificial Intelligence Industry

  • Assistance agency for protection rights of Chengdu intellectual Property think tank


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