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ZhiRui Research Institute

Beijing ZhiRui Overseas Intellectual Property Research Institute


Converging high-end service resources | focusing on intellectual property risk | improve enterprise’s risk prevention consciousness and ability to deal with disputes


Beijing ZhiRui overseas intellectual property institute is a Non-governmental & non-profit organization that guided by the Beijing intellectual property rights protection assistance center, initiated by Beijing Lepatent Intellectual Property Agency (general partnership), which aims to seize the favorable opportunity that promote the construction of "the Belt and the Road", gathering high-end overseas intellectual property rights protection service resources both at home and abroad, focusing on intellectual property risks of enterprise overseas investment, m&a, exhibition and product layout, improve enterprise overseas intellectual property risk prevention consciousness and ability to deal with disputes.


Beijing Zhirui Overseas Intellectual Property Research Institute shall give its full play to the role of non-government organizations, strengthen information exchange, resource sharing, based in Beijing and spread to the whole country, build a platform for cooperation and exchange overseas intellectual property protection of Chinese enterprises. In view of the new problems and demands of intellectual property protection in the process of "going global", the institute has continuously improved its service level and service capability. The Institute shall pay attention to integration of experts home and abroad, intra and outside industry resources, establish a high-level, diversified expert database, carry out overseas intellectual property practice guidance and communication, industry analysis of litigation and disputes response guidance and other overseas intellectual property rights protection system research work, not only provide intellectual support and service for "going global", but also provide powerful decision support for the government in policy formulation, strategic planning and implementation of major projects.


As the general secretary of Beijing Overseas Intellectual Property Protection Alliance, Mr. Gao Fei is responsible for the daily management of the institute and the implementation of various work plans. At present, Mr. Gao Fei serves as the president of Lepatent (Beijing) Consulting Corporation Limited, director of artificial intelligence special committee of China Intellectual Property Development Alliance, general secretary of National Intellectual Property Alliance of Intelligent Manufacturing Industry, expert of Beijing Intellectual Property Expert Database, technical investigator of Beijing Intellectual Property Court, and Haiying Talent of Beijing. He used to work for Lenovo Group and the State Intellectual Property Office and gathered rich experience in the field of intellectual property.



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